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Who is Eligible?

  • You must live in Maryland or see a physician whose office is in Maryland
  • You do not have prescription coverage as part of your health insurance
  • You meet the financial guidelines set by the drug companies
  • You are not enrolled in entitlement programs such as Medicaid or the Maryland Adult Primary Care Program

How the Program Works

  • Call the Medbank office toll-free 1 877 435-7755 (Baltimore local 410 821-9262) and ask for a new patient referral packet
  • Complete and sign the two-page questionnaire
  • Make copies of proof of income from all sources
  • Take your completed questionnaire, proof of income and physicians referral form to your doctor's office
  • Ask them to complete the physician referral form and fax or mail it to our office with your application and proof of income

What Happens Next?

The Patient Representatives at Medbank will process your application.  Medbank has a pharmacy that stocks about 100 medications.  If the medication you need is stocked in our pharmacy, we will send it to your doctor's office for you to pick up.  If we do not stock the medication in our pharmacy, we will apply directly to the drug companies' Patient Assistance Programs for the medicine your doctor has prescribed for you.  In most cases, you will receive a 90-day supply of each medicine you are taking.

How Do I Receive a Second Supply of Medications?

When you pick up a medication from your doctor's office, call Medbank and let us know the name of the medicine you have picked up.  We will track when it is time to renew your medication.  When your first prescription is almost gone, another 90-day supply will be waiting for you at your doctor's office.  Medications continue to come every 90 days and you are re-qualified financially once a year.
What if my Doctor prescribes a new Medication?

If at any time you stop taking a medeication or your doctor prescribes a new medicine, call the Medbank office and they will process the change.

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View the list of medications that have Patient Assistance Programs
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MEDBANK is a non-profit corporation that helps thousands of low-income Marylanders obtain much-needed prescription drugs.

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